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About Mediacast

Mediacast was founded in 2017 and has grown into a leading investment firm. Since our establishment, we’ve invested in and partnered with a number of well-known startups that are doing great things in their respective fields.  

Mediacast is founded by entrepreneurs and marketing experts that understand the impact of sales and marketing on company value.  Working with our portfolio companies, we develop growth strategies that Mediacast and its vast partnerships and resources can drive.  However, Mediacast brings more to the effort than just influence and expertise, it brings capital to fund it all.  The smartest capital put to work to drive company value.


Mediacast Holdings invests in select high growth consumer-facing products and services.  The team and its strategic investors bring a unique combination of marketing, private equity, corporate and entrepreneurial experience to rapidly scale companies in its portfolio.


Mediacast services group provides emerging companies and brands with best of breed marketing and media services. The services group offers high-level marketing, branding, and media strategy, expertise, and resources. From concept to completion Mediacast, is more than just a capital partner but a trusted resource in developing world class growth strategies and programs.


Mediacast serves a portfolio of some of the world’s most recognized media and entertainment companies, personal brands, and consumer goods and services businesses.  Mediacast’s brand management platform creates and manages national marketing launches and long term marketing on various national platforms.  Mediacast innovates through creating new products and offerings, licensing opportunities, sales and channel expansion, and corporate development.


Each portfolio company benefits from Mediacast's proprietary Media Arbitrage model.  The private equity portfolio of a major media company was built leveraging that arbitrage affect. There they traded theatrical advertising inventory in exchange for equity in emerging companies.  


Mediacast evolved that model trading media inventory it aggregates across all channels; online, mobile, TV, print, cinema and radio at a discount to market rate and contributes the media as a non-cash component of each investment.  Entrepreneurs, corporate venture groups, family offices, and large brands all get the benefit of media aggregation and media discounts while Mediacast Investors and partners gain additional equity.



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